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Quick Rules

We don’t allow ads that contain:

  1. an item or service that is illegal in Ghana
  2. an item or service that is not located in Ghana
  3. an invalid phone number or email address
  4. an unrealistic offer
  5. offensive language
  6. offensive pictures
  7. text in the title or description that is not related to the advertised item or service
  8. pictures that do not match or clearly show the advertised item or service
  9. text in the first picture (except logos and product codes)
  10. a non-specific item or service, e.g. a description of a company in general terms
  11. a URL link that is not relevant to the advertised item or service
  12. offers and requests for items or services in the same ad
  13. exact same content as another ad, re-published within 7 days.
  14. multiple items in the same ad
  15. “work from home” jobs
  16. counterfeit goods, knockoffs or replica versions of another company’s product
  17. In addition, once the ad is posted, the product or service in the ad cannot be changed.